Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kitties need good home ASAP

Hi my friends!

I am trying to help out some very sweet kitties whose owner past away recently and who now need a new home ASAP. So, here are some pictures and description of each kitty. All of them are currently in Walnut Creek and ready for good forever homes.


Mitzy is a delicate little lady. She is five years old, healthy, and spayed. She has been around other cats all her life and especially likes male cats. But would also be fine as an only cat. She enjoys going outside on occasions but is also fine as an indoor only kitty.


Coco is a handsome five year old male Siamese. He is drop dead gorgeous but his left eye has lost a little color during a fight with a raccoon. Coco has always been around other cats and he tolerates them but does not play much with them. He does not like to be picked up but sits on your lap on his own terms. He loves to be brushed. A healthy kitty, neutered and with all his shots.

The two sisters

Two 18 months old litter mates who had all their shots, healthy, and spayed. One is very friendly and lovable and will follow you around with the goal of you rubbing her belly. She will lay on your lap and sit on a chair with you. The other is lovable and great too but does not require the same amount of attention. They both like to sleep together and play together all day long.

Savannah and her brother

Savannah and her look alike brother are both around five years old. They are healthy, spayed and neutered, and had all their shots. They are alone for over six months now and have become a little shy but will get better and back to their normal selves if someone spends time with them. They both are great hunters.
Those lovely six kitties are available and looking for wonderful homes right now because their owner past away. If you are interested or know someone that is interested, please contact my human and she will get you in touch with someone in charge. Please let all your friends know and their friends as well. We don't want any homeless kitties!
Love and Peace,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dental Care

Hello my friends!

Don't you just love this beautiful weather? It brings a big smile to my face. And speaking of smiles - make sure your pearly whites are healthy and clean because dental disease is a common problem in canines and felines which can be prevented with good dental hygiene.

Dental disease starts when plaque accumulates on teeth. Plaque is a combination of bacteria and food debris. After a while, plaque mineralizes and turns into tartar. When tartar accumulates below the gum line it causes damage to the gums and can lead to gum erosion which results in loosening of teeth. Plague starts to form at any age and can be prevented by good oral hygiene.

The first step to good oral hygiene is to get your pets teeth and gums checked by a veterinarian. The veterinarian removes the tartar and in case of gum disease prescribes an antibiotic. After that, it is your turn to keep your pets teeth and gums healthy.

The best way to keep gums and teeth healthy is by daily brushing. Yes, you can brush your canine's and feline's teeth! You can use a soft toothbrush for humans or buy a special pet brush at the pet store. You can also get tooth paste for pets there. Don't use human tooth paste because we don't rinse afterwards. So the tooth paste has to be eatable. For cats and small dogs you can use the finger brush.

At first, your pet might struggle a little until the brushing becomes familiar. Try to make it a routine. You can also give a treat as a reward after the brushing. That works very well with dogs. Every morning after breakfast I go to my human and let her brush my teeth as you can see in the picture. Then, I get a treat. I love it!

And speaking of treats, there are special dental treats and chews as well as toys designed to keep the teeth clean. Pet stores have an entire section dedicated to such items. Ask a sales person and they will gladly advice you. And don't forget to follow up with yearly check ups by the veterinarian.

As you can see, keeping your pearly whites clean and healthy doesn't have to be a problem. There are easy ways to do this with the right tools and the right routine. So, my friends, keep brushing daily and most of all, keep smiling!

Love and Peace,