Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Urgent! Beautiful kitty needs home.

Hello all my friends. I have an urgent message for you and your friends today.
This lovely feline lady by the name of Jasmine needs a home. She is about four years young and very healthy. She is a petite brown tabby, short hair, no health or behavior issues and so adorable.
Jasmine likes dogs and people but would prefer to be the only kitty in the household. My human told me that she likes to play and cuddle a lot. She likes interactive play as well as playing by herself with little catnip toys.
She is a very special kitty and deserves a very good home. So only serious cat lovers who will adore her can apply.
If you would like to have more information about this little sweetheart or would like to meet her, please contact my human and she will arrange it. You can contact my human via the form on her website. The link to the website is .
I am keeping my paws crossed that this lovely little girl will have a wonderful home soon.
Love and Peace to you all,

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