Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buffy's Story.

Hi my friends,

today I would like to share with you a wonderful story about Buffy, a very courageous kitty who, with the help of his humans, won the battle against Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The story is told by Buffy himself. Here we go!

Hello friends, my name is Buffy and I am a Maine Coon kitty. I have lived on my own most of my life but about three years ago I found my forever family.

There is so much I could tell about my story but really what I would like to share is my tale of cancer. You see, I am a very handsome white and butterscotch colored kitty. I have nick names like toasted marshmallow, pumpkin pie, butterfingers ... Well, you get the idea. My favorite past time and what I have spent most of my days doing is sunbathing. As it turns out a kitty with a pink nose, light fur and pink ears is susceptible to skin cancer if they lie in the sun too much, just like people.

So here's my story!

Back in August I developed a red speck under my nose. My Mommy thought I got in another fight, seems every kitty on the block wants to hang in my yard. Well, after a week or so they noticed the cut abscessed, or so they thought.

At closer examination, they noticed it was not an abscess but rather "a mass". Oh boy! Then I heard them say CANCER, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Now I am not really sure what this is. Even took my Mommy a while to learn about it and what she learned was not good. Apparently it was doomed to kill me, a horrible death with a large tumor growing on my face and up my nose. I was so glad to have them to care for me. I would hate to be living on my own with this situation.

My Mommy did lots of research about lots of things. She said big words like RADIATION and CHEMOTHERAPY. I even heard them say at one point that some doctors thought they should cut off part of my nose! WHAT! CUT OF MY NOSE! No way, I like my nose, it's a cute pink nose.

Well, thank goodness for my Mommy and Daddy. They also said "NO WAY!" Mommy did not have a lot of time to decide since the tumor was growing fast. In two weeks it grew to the size of a pea and was now blocking my right nasal passage. Mommy found a doctor in the city named Dr. Fong who had this stuff Mommy sometimes called "Bloodroot". Really it is called Neoplasene and it is developed by a man they call Dr. Fox. He has a place on the Internet called Buck Mountain Botanicals and he has a lot of other botanical medicines for animals.

So this stuff from Buck Mountain Botanicals works on cancer. You see, a long time ago, as far back as the American Indians, Bloodroot extract was used for medicinal purposes as well as for face paint on the Indians since it has a blood red color to it. As it turns out, when the plant extract is mixed with some other natural products and water, the result is a paste that seeks out and destroys cancer cells and leaves healthy tissue alone. This was great news because with radiation and surgery they would cut away more than just the cancer. And even with that, they could not guarantee they would get all the cancer. Mommy did not study the chemotherapy too much but from what she could tell, it would take lots of treatments and could make me feel sick. The Neoplasene was also not a guarantee but it was the least invasive. It would only take away the neoplastic tissue and leave the healthy tissue alone. Neoplastic is the fancy name for cancer tissue.

Basically, it worked like this. My Mommy would take me in to see the doctor and he would put a little bit of this red paste on my tumor. Mommy would sit with me and make sure I did not lick it off. We stayed at the doctor's office for a half hour and then we would leave. For a day or two I would wear a collar to keep me from wiping my sore but then eventually, I could go without it. Mommy also had to do a few things like clean my sore and put a special wound balm on it. After a week the outer layer of the cancer would die and fall off. We had to repeat this for a few months because my tumor was kind of large and persistent and it took a while for Mommy to learn to make me wear my collar. Eventually though, it was gone completely. I did end up with what mommy calls a cleft lip but it's growing back and mommy says if we keep using the wound balm, I will in time heal and look almost as perfect as I did before. I have since had a few other spots of cancer but now Mommy knows what to do, we catch it early, immediately immediately treat it and the cancer falls off in a day or two.

Now, don't get me wrong, this was not completely seamless. There were times when it stung a little but Mommy got me some pain medicine. Dr. Fox also prescribed some oral medication that tasted icky but Mommy always gave me treats afterwards which I really liked. So now I am a healthy, happy kitty with lots of years left to run, jump, and play. Unfortunately, Mommy will not let me out for any more sunbathing. I have to stay indoors from 9am to 4pm but that's OK. I sunbathed till my heart was content for 13 years. I am OK with giving that up as long as I can still climb trees, eat treats, and play with my Mommy and Daddy.

Note from Mommy: If anyone is interested in this product please visit the website for Buck Mountain Botanicals at the link below and read the clinical guides, disclaimer, and notes. Do not try any products without the assistance of a licensed veterinary doctor.

Wow, that was a wonderful story with a great ending. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Buffy. I wish you all the best. You are a very courageous kitty!

Well my friends, I hope you also enjoyed this great story.

As always,

Love and Peace,


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