Monday, August 9, 2010

My human's worst night mare had a happy ending.

Hello everybody!
I would like to tell you about my human's worst night mare. As you all know, she takes care of all kinds of critters when their humans are on vacation. Well, she came to a place on the first day of a 10 day long assignment and there was no key at the spot were it usually is. HORROR! She got a really bad feeling in her stomach. When she tried to reach the owner of the two kitties, the phone said: "The person you are trying to reach is out of reach, call back later". She left a note on the neighbor's door, hoping she would have a key but the neighbor didn't call her. So, the only thing she could do was to call a locksmith. Many hours later and $250.00 later, the locksmith was able to open the door and replace the lock. HALLELUJAH!
Everybody was fine and there was still a little food and water in the dish but it was a very scary situation for my human.
This story inspired me to give you all some guide lines how to make my human's life much easier. So, here we go:
If you go away, please let my human know at least three or four days in advance unless it is an emergency. And by the way, a good deal on a trip to Cabo is not an emergency!
If you leave a day later or come back a day earlier or later, let my human know. There is nothing worst than walking in on someone taking a shower.
If you told my human that you would leave a key at a certain spot, please leave it there. Don't change the location at the last minute without telling my human about it. Also don't forget to leave it! Otherwise, your vacation might cost a lot more than you expected (see above about the cost of a locksmith). And most importantly, make sure it's the right key and it works properly. I hate for my human to get arrested for breaking and entering.
Please leave a payment on the counter so my human can pay her bills and buy me new toys. She remembers to show up, so please, remember to pay her. If you forget anyway, try to mail it to her as soon as you get back. Don't wait a month or two because we have to pay our bills and if we can't pay our bills, my human has to get another job and can't take care of your babies anymore.
Make sure you have enough food, litter and if needed, medication on hand to cover the entire time you are gone plus a little extra in case you can't make it back on time. That includes bird, fish, hamster and any other critter food as well. My human hates to go shopping and besides, it cuts my walking time short.
Let my human know if there are any changes in your pets health, behavior, food, medication, walking schedule, your contact information or anything else that is important. She needs to know that in order to do her job properly.
And since we are talking about health, inform her of any contagious diseases such as ringworm, kennel cough, FIV and anything else that can be carried over to the next place. It's not fair to hide that and put the next kitty or doggy in danger of getting the same disease.
If anybody else is coming to the house while you are gone, let my human know because it scares the living daylight out of her when someone is in the house that she didn't know would be there.
Make sure your neighbor's know that my human is coming to visit your pets. I don't want them to call the police on her because they think she is a burglar.
Please don't be upset when my human does not want to let your kitties outside. There is a reason for it and that is how she is running her business. She is not telling you how to do your business, so don't tell her how to do her's. Kitties can be attacked by other kitties, by dogs, can get hit by cars, and can encounter many other dangers on the street. If they come back injured, my human might not be around and bring them to the veterinarian right away. A lot can happen in 24 hours. By the time of her next visit, your kitty could be very ill. So, please don't fight with my human about that. She does not want to be difficult but only cares about your pet's well being.
Let my human know if your doggy doesn't like other doggies or people. That is a very important thing to know when taking your pooch for a walk. We don't want any surprise attacks.
Well, I think that'll cover about everything. If you keep those things in mind, it will make my human very happy. And if my human is happy, I am happy too!
So, until next time, yours truly,

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  1. Great tips on how us humans need to prepare for our pet pals and pet sitters when going out of town.

    Thanks for all the great information on your blog. It's so helpful, and I'm learning a lot!